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Jayme Locke Transplant Nephrology Kidney Donation
Paired Exchange & Desensitization

UAB Medicine transplant surgeon Jayme Locke, MD, discusses our paired exchange and incompatible kidney transplant program, along with the importance of desensitization.

UAB Adult ECMO Program

Originally designed to provide heart-lung bypass support outside the body, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) is now used by physicians to successfully treat patients of all ages with a variety of conditions including severe pneumonia, influenza, pulmonary hypertension, and heart and lung injuries. ECMO takes on the function of the heart and lungs by routing the patient’s blood into the machine where carbon dioxide is removed and oxygen is added. The blood is then pumped back into the body. This presentation features Enrique Diaz-Guzman Zavala, MD discussing the rapidly expanding role of ECMO in patient care.

Overview of Kidney Transplantation Programs
Overview of Kidney Transplantation Program
The UAB tranplant program's primary goal is help patients get transplanted as quickly as possible. Through our expanded programs, patients are offered several transplant options such as living-donor kidney transplant, paired-kidney exchange, and incompatible kidney and desensitization.
Jayme Locke Solutions Incompatibility Program
Solutions to Donor-Recipient Incompatibility
About 35% of patients that come forward with living donors will be found to be blood-group incompatible, and another 11% are found to be tissue-incompatible with their potential living donor. Transplant surgeon, Jayme Locke MD, discusses solutions such as desensitation for this large patient population.
Vineeta Kumar Transplant Nephrology Incompatible program
The Incompatible Program: How it works
Blood-group compatibility and histocompatibility must be determined prior to transplant. With a positive cross-match precluding tranplantation, transplant nephrologist, Vineeta Kumar MD, explains how these matches are determined and how technology can be used to rectify this incompatible transplant.
Jayme Locke Paired Exchange Transplant Program
Paired Exchange Program & Desensitization
Not every program in the country offers incompatitble transplantation leaving a large disenfranchised patient population. Jayme Locke, MD, explains that these highly-sensitized patients can benefit from UAB's incompatible kidney transplant program.
Jayme Locke Paired Exchange Transplant Program
Paired Exchange Program: How it works
Ever wonder how the Paired-Exchange Transplant Program works? Dr. Jayme Locke walks us through how the computer program works, how to categorize patients based on compatibility, and how matches are made.
Vineeta Kumar Three Way Kidney Transplant
A Patient's Story: Three-Way Kidney Swap
Ann Marie's story is full of transplant complexities that contributed to a very high level of sensitization. Through a meticulously planned 3-way kidney swap, Ann Marie was able to receive a kidney transplant through the UAB Kidney Transplant program.
Vineeta Kumar Transplant Nephrology Kidney Transplant and Dialysis
Dialysis vs. Transplant: Know Your Options
Transplant verses dialysis is an age old question. Transplant nephrologist, Vineeta Kumar, M.D., discusses the facts and survival rates around these two treatment modalities.
Jayme Locke Remove Rejected Kidney
When to Remove a Kidney?
When should a kidney be remove? UAB transplant surgeon, Jayme Locke M.D., discuss when it is appropriate to remove a rejected kidney and the risk factors involved.