Weight Loss Medicine



UAB Weight Loss Medicine is a program designed to help individuals lose weight and keep it off. Our goal is to teach people how to choose healthy, low-energy-density foods such as fruits, vegetables, and other sources of fiber rather than high-energy-density foods, which contain more fat and calories per gram.

For those needing to lose 50 pounds or more, UAB offers Optifast meal replacement, a program that has consistently proven successful since its inception in the early 1970s. We take a comprehensive approach to weight loss that involves our staff of dietitians/behavioral counselors, physicians, and psychologists. The team at UAB Weight Loss Medicine (WLM) can safely and effectively teach the tools and tactics needed to lose weight and maintain it.

What happens at your initial assessment:

  • Medical evaluation by a health care provider with training in obesity medicine
  • Assessment of medical conditions and/or medications potentially affecting weight
  • Body composition testing 
  • Resting metabolic rate testing 
  • Creation of a customized meal plan
  • All visits with physicians/nurse practitioner billed to insurance (coverage varies)
  • Instructions for obtaining and maximizing your WLM Clinic membership for optimal success 

What a WLM Clinic membership provides:

  • Access to our comprehensive team of experts and scientifically proven strategies for weight loss and maintenance
  • Visits with physicians and nurse practitioners; intervals will vary depending on medical conditions
  • Visits will be billed to insurance
  • Access to the Optifast program (previously $2,850, now included in clinic membership)

Our Team and Services

Our physicians are board-certified in obesity medicine and/or have additional board certifications in internal medicine or endocrinology. Together with our dietitians and psychologists, this comprehensive team provides a variety of services, including:

  • Individual visits to review personalized meal plan
  • Individual and group sessions
  • Online option for weekly sessions
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Mindful Eating group course
  • Phone consultations available


$850 for the 12-month program, with only $50 due upfront; payment plans can be arranged. Discounts are available for UAB employees.