Driving Assessment Clinic

The UAB Driving Assessment Clinic at Callahan Eye Hospital provides assessment and rehabilitation services for people with medical conditions that may affect their driving. These conditions can include vision problems, impaired motor or mental skills, dementia, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and movement disorders. Clinic staff are skilled in evaluating driver fitness, which is determined through a thorough review of the case, a personalized assessment, mental and physical evaluations, and – for those who qualify – a road test in a specially equipped clinic vehicle. As with all medical assessments, the results are confidential and provided only to the patient or others designated by the patient in writing, and to the referring physician. The final recommendation about driving fitness will be made by the patient’s referring physician, support team, and/or the Alabama Department of Public Safety during routine license renewal.

Our specialists can help some patients overcome factors that jeopardize road safety; those with poor side vision, for example, often can be trained to compensate with eye and head movements while driving. The clinic also offers a special training program for those who have vision problems but wish to become licensed drivers through the use of a "bioptic telescope," a special set of lenses worn to enhance vision.

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The UAB Driving Assessment Clinic is nationally known as an innovator in screening and assisting drivers, and research carried out at UAB has enhanced our understanding of how vision changes and other medical issues can affect driving. The assessments are administered by occupational therapists who also are certified driving rehabilitation specialists, and each evaluation is customized to meet the needs of the patient. We understand the medical and physical issues that can affect safe driving, so we are best equipped to assess driver fitness and, when possible, help the patient overcome those challenges.


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