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2018 Flu Updates

See links below for the latest flu updates to keep your family healthy this fall and winter.

Flu Strains Explained, and How the Vaccine Works >>

As we approach flu season, UAB Medicine already is getting questions about the different strains of the flu virus and the vaccine itself. ..

Which Flu Character Are You? >>

When it comes to getting a flu shot, there are all different types of people. Your perspective on the influenza vaccination can have a great impact on your health and those around you. Here are some common characters you might come across. Which one are you?...

Fighting the Flu: What You Can Do Beyond Getting the Shot >>

Here are seven additional flu prevention tips that can be highly effective, especially for high-risk populations such as children, elderly adults, pregnant women, and anyone with a chronic illness...

Feel Good Foods for Flu Season >>

It’s still not clear just how effective certain nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants, flavonoids, and other food elements are at boosting immune systems, especially in regard to fighting influenza. There is no doubt that a fully-nourished immune system has greater nutritional resources available when the time comes to battle infections...

Flu by the Numbers: What You Need to Know as the Season Approaches >>

It might still feel like summer outside, but flu season is just around the corner. To be proactive and prepared this year, we dove into the ever-changing world of flu trends, strains, statistics, and strategies for staying healthy...