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5 Things to Know about Pregnancy During COVID-19

If you are pregnant, COVID-19 is probably on your mind, and we understand that you may have some concerns. In this FAQ, we hear from Warner Huh, MD, Chair of UAB Medicine's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, who answers some of the most frequently asked questions about pregnancy and COVID-19.

What Do We Know About COVID-19 and Pregnancy?

What Protections Do You Suggest For Women During Their Pregnancy to Protect Against COVID-19?

How is UAB Medicine Protecting Babies Born During COVID-19?

What Should Women Expect Before and During Delivery at UAB Medicine Because of COVID-19?

What Support Are You Offering for Postpartum Women During COVID-19??

Click here to learn more about the UAB Women & Infants Center and the precautions being taken to protect both mother and baby from COVID-19.